Top 6 List of International Lottery Winners From India


Over the previous many years, India has had numerous lottery game-victors. The nearby lotteries in the nation have acquired incredible moguls, and the Indians have likewise won extraordinary lotteries universally. These lotteries incorporate Mega Millions, US Powerball and numerous others. Albeit these games are prohibited in India, they are effectively open on various online stages and produce champs in India each and every other day. You can without much of a stretch play online lottery games in India on different online sites.

Top 6 List of International Lottery Winners From India

Here, we have a rundown of International Lottery Winners from India, which you can follow to look at the lottery victors!

1) Sandeep Singh

A 22 years of age, youthful Indian kid named Sandeep Singh, otherwise called Sunny by his friends and family, got an opportunity to win perhaps the greatest lottery on the planet. He turned into the most youthful lottery champ on the International stage and one of India’s greatest lottery victors. He won an enormous amount of $30.5 Million that changed the manner in which he considered life. He used to complete two responsibilities to earn a living wage, and simply by purchasing a $4 ticket, his life changed. He won a scratch card and utilized that cash, and he purchased four lottery tickets, one of which hit the big time. He intended to give some of it to the foundation and afterward take care of all the obligation to his mom’s home.

2) Balraj Awasthi

Balraj Awasthi’s life took a stunning turn in Feb 2017. He hit the big time in the Lotto 6/49 of around $12.8 million and turned into a major lottery victor on a worldwide stage. He used to work in Toronto as a culinary expert and has a place with Indian roots. He was happy about winning a particularly immense sum and needed to utilize this add up to go into business and travel around the world, particularly to Australia and Europe.

3) Pragnesh Peter Saija

Pragnesh Peter Saija is one more Indian living in Canada who won a lottery of about $7 million in the Daily Grand Lottery only four days after Balraj. Nonetheless, he didn’t win an online lottery. All things considered, he purchased an actual lottery ticket from the store and hit the big time. In the wake of winning, he needed to purchase an ideal home for his family comprising of many rooms, a home theater and a pool. Likewise, he would contribute the remainder of the cash for his kids’ schooling and childhood.

4) Tahir Ali

Tahir Ali is additionally an Indian living in Canada who lucked out enough in 2014 to win an impressive amount of $2 million in the Ontario 49 lottery. He purchased the lottery ticket when he knew about the cost on the radio and was stunned when he won the lottery. The family was in stunningness and tears on getting the immense sum that would now change their lives and bring great days for their youngsters. He wished to spend his cash on the training of his youngsters and their childhood.

5) Nirmal Dhamodarasamy

In 2016, the most fortunate individual in India would have been a 23 years of age youngster named Nirmal Dhamodarasamy as she won a $1 million lottery. Around then, he was learning at a college in Chicago. Since numerous online lottery sites offer memberships, he likewise pursued the US Powerball, which gave him admittance to all the accessible lottery draws. He was quite fortunate that day when he picked the numbers haphazardly, and his numbers match with the exception of the last. All things considered, he figured out how to get a lot of cash for himself. He needed to spend that cash on the air tickets of his family and inn stay so they could go along with him on his graduation day.

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6) Ushakiran Patel

Ushakiran Patel has been another worldwide lottery victor from India who got an opportunity to win a $1 million lottery in US Powerball. She is a 62-year-elderly person who coordinated with five arbitrary numbers in 2018 and hit the big time. Her karma was her ally as she was anything but an ordinary player, yet she figured out how to get a particularly attractive sum. She would now consume her time on earth in America as a resigned Indian.


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