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Background info on Shane Paul Neil of Monarch Visual. Content Director, Digital Marketer, Writer, and Business Strategist.



Co-founder of the Black Podcast Hub - a directory of over one hundred podcasts produced by people of color. BPH aims to increase both visibility, and money making opportunities for marginalized people in a burgeoning digital space.

National Director of Partnerships for This Week In Blackness - at one point the most notable Black owned independent media company responsible for creating content that covered everything from politics and social justice, to nerd culture and sports.

Shane Paul Neil

Shane is an accomplished Writer, Poet, and Content creator with extensive experience in the media and broadcasting industry. Shane’s writing on business and current events has been featured in outlets such as The Huffington Post and NBC News.

Shane's creativity and business savvy give him the ability to create brand narratives and develop business strategies to support them.

Shane currently acts as the Business Manager and Content Director for Monarch Visual.



areas of expertise

Brand Ideation and Narrative

Content Creation and Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Business Development