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Project Planning and Management

Project Planning and Management


This price is based on a three month project timeline

Having a dedicated project manager for your project can mean the difference between a successful project, and an expensive failure. If you don’t have someone in charge of overseeing the various contributors, deliverables, processes, and making sure that all stakeholders needs are met - then you’re taking a big (and expensive!) risk.

With hiring a project planner and manager you not only get someone to help you create an efficient roadmap and process, you also get a seamless transition into making sure that the project is successfully carried through to completion.

Steps and Services provided include:

  • Stakeholder Meetings

  • Goal Prioritization

  • Deliverable planning

  • Talent sourcing (if necessary)

  • Risk Assessment

  • Presentation and follow-up

The more work and planning upfront, the smoother projects tend to go. Don’t wait!

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