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Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement

from 379.00

Just starting out and need help identifying your customer base? Already know your customer base, but not sure how to successfully reach them? The goal of the Brand Engagement service is to not only increase your presence to your current customers, but bring in new customers as well.

There are two things that can be detrimental to a business - your customer being unfamiliar with your products and brands, and no one knowing who you are. Let's fix that.

With this service you get:

A Full report with info on the spending habits and interests of your current and potential customers.

Audience personas to help you get to know who you're marketing to.

4 targeted weekly ads (includes graphics and copy) built to your specific audiences.

16 social posts targeted to your audience

A full web and social media audit to make sure that your websites and social profiles are getting across your message accurately.



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