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Services offered by Monarch Visual and Jessica Humphrey.  Print and Web Design, Web Development, Marketing, Consulting and more.

Pricing & Services


Branding & Business development kit 

$1800 — A business and its brand are much more than a logo and some type. This kit has everything you need to get your business started including: Three logos, a complete brand book and style guide, business stationery, social templates and graphics, brand messaging & archetype creation, custom presentation/pitch decks, a months' worth of blog topics to get you started, a 30 day content calendar, custom swag design, and design of one specialty item of your choice (packaging, stickers, etc.) 

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Logo design 

$325 — If you need a logo only, this option is for you. You will get up to 4 designs to choose from, final designs for a full color logo, a greyscale logo, an alternative logo mark, a watermark (if applicable) and a favicon for your website. Custom Typography and a custom color palette may be included at no extra cost.

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Ad Design 

$65 — Print or digital , you're covered. Ads are made to your exact specifications, and only ads that are guaranteed to pass web and social quality standards will be given to you. This includes ad designs for print, social media, digital flyers, web banners, and mobile ads/banners. Note: This price does not include animated HTML banners or animated stories. These are available for an additional $60.

type & publications 

Variable Rate — Rates depend heavily on the medium. A 20 page magazine will require a lot less design or editing time than a manuscript or textbook - however, this service always includes proper proofing and editing, and in some cases custom typography depending on your needs. 

Digital audits 

$50 — It's very easy to make costly mistakes in your social media channels and web presence. This quick audit goes through all of your active social media channels as well as every page of your website, and gives you a detailed report on any areas that need improvement - more effective copy, better graphics, ad standards - any holes in your channels will be patched.

event design & planning

Variable Rate — The price will heavily depend on how complex your event is. You may need to plan an entire symposium down the marketing, vendors, and visitor experiences or you might simply need some posters and ticket designs. Professional help is available for every part of making your event happen.

expo & Tradeshow items 

Variable Rate  — Print collateral - banners, kiosk or booth designs, handouts, and swag are a few common tradeshow items. You may also decide to have video playing at your booth, or simply show a slide deck. Note: This price does not include printing.

email design 

$80 — Good email design is important. Every store and company is competing for their customers' attention, so you want to stand out not be dumped in the spam folder. Email designs can be created to specs of  your favorite email program, and for your desired campaign length. All emails created are ADA compliant.

social media mgmt 

Variable Rate — Platforms may change but one thing doesn’t - your business needs social media. 71% of consumers are likely to make a purchase if it's recommended by their friendsA lot of this happens on social media, but you may not have the budget or staff to dedicate. One monthly fee gets you a guaranteed posting schedule, custom content creation (including graphics), and relevant (no templates here) content tailored to each audience on each platform. You will also get a detailed breakdown on how your posts are perfoming, and improvements. Note: This price does not include direct customer service and support. These are available for an additional $100 a month. 

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web design 

Variable Rate — It's easy to DIY a website. It's even easier to build a BAD DIY Website. Building a website means making sure your content is relevant, your links work, you're speaking to your audience, and most importantly that your website is mobile friendly and ADA compliant and accessible. Services are available for a range of needs - from one page informational sites to multi-page E-commerce sites. All web services come with one month of support and updates.

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Animations & MotioN graphics

Variable Rate — Rates vary depending on the length of your video and what additional services you need.  A 30 second basic animation can run around $300 which includes concepting, color, storyboarding and the final files. If you need additional things like a script, voiceover work, custom characters, or illustrations, this can increase your costs.

Package and Label Design 

Variable Rate — Package design includes all areas of packaging that your customer will touch: labels, inserts, mailers and literature. Bulk pricing is available on some product lines, and prices can vary depending on the size and material of your packaging.

portrait Photography 

$300 — Portrait photography is available for senior/graduation portraits, professional/corporate  headshots,  headshots for dating apps or personal ads, maternity photos, couples photos and modeling photos.

product photography 

Variable Rate — Professional product photography can make or break your sales. Poor lighting, dirty backgrounds, or blurry photos can drive buyers away without you realizing it. Professionally lit and staged product photos vary in rate, depending on the size and type of the item, and any special handling (i.e., if it's a large or expensive item that needs to be shipped and I have to stay home to sign for it). 

marketing campaigns 

Variable Rate — Depending on your marketing channels and whether you need digital (email for example) or in-person (in-store or conventions for example) solutions, your customized marketing plan may vary.  

personal branding 

$250 — Job seekers, Freelancers and Solopreneurs all need the same thing - a solid personal brand. This service includes a custom resume or CV, a custom logomark, a professional headshot (depending on location), stationery design, and a professional profile description for your LinkedIn or other professional platforms.

food and drink 

$500 — Primarily for restaurants and other food establishments, this service includes design of two main menus, two seasonal/specialty menus, one drink menu, one dessert menu and your choice of 4 specialty item designs (shirts, coasters, placemats, table toppers, etc).

Invitation design 

$200 — A good wedding or party needs a good invitation. Customized invitations include an RSVP card, a save the date card, envelope design and can be type or graphic based.  Note: This price does not include hand lettered calligraphic designs.

banners and pop kits 

$400 — If you sell directly to consumers and need graphics or advertisements, this service is or you. It includes design for three campaigns (for example seasonal campaigns), inserts or packing lists, counter or table toppers), and your choice of two specialty items (such as window clings or promotional gifts).

apP design 

Variable Rate  — Apps are everywhere these days. If you're working on your own app you may need help with the concepting, and architecture, or you may just need someone who knows what "Material Design" is to make some screens for you. Let's talk about your project and get your app on the way to market!

retainer services 

Variable Rate  — If you need regular design services but don't have the budget or staff for it, smart outsourcing is perfect for you. It allows you to have a nearly on demand designer in your pocket so that when you need something done you can get it done. Retainer clients always move to the front of the line, and get after hours support.

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workshops & education

Variable Rate  — Courses are perfect if you need that little bit of extra help. You know what you want to do, but you find videos hard to keep up with, and tutorials either don’t give you enough information, or move too fast and take shortcuts. Courses come with
in-depth materials for studying on your own, as well as 1:1 help so that you master your skills. Workshops are available for a variety of business or art related topics.

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