Jessica Humphrey


Trusted businesses and Individuals that I use regularly.


Trusted Partners

I have the pleasure of working with a very talented network of individuals in my work, and highly recommend them.


Ereika Stimley

When it come to growing your business, Ereika is your best bet. Marketing campaigns, web design, copywriting, and more. When you need to bring out the big guns, make Ereika your first call. 



Maya Kalia

Maya is a Virtual Assistant and Organizer. Any aspect of running your business, staying on top of the day to day tasks, and outreach, Maya can help you with. Maya is thorough, professional and affordable.



Donyae Coles

Donyae is a writer, creator, and yoga instructor. 


DesignX Creative

A family owned shop in Salem Oregon, DesignX Creative is my #1 referral and resource for anything print related. Apparel, buttons, labels, stickers - the quality and service are above and beyond, and I have never ben unsatisfied.


Danielle Corcione

Derik JOnes

Derik not only hosts a podcast, but also runs a podcasting network, and can help you in your own podcast adventures. If you need resources, help with equipment, or sound editing and mixing, Derik is the man to see.


Koni BUrrow

Koni provides design services, social media management services, and custom apparel.



Elizabeth ruth

Elizabeth provides classes, spiritual services, curios, and unique gift items.