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Common questions and concerns answered. If you still can't find the answer that you need, click  HERE.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, and credit card payments via Stripe and Apple Pay.

Why do some of your services have variable rates?

Different businesses have different needs, and there is no one size fits all solution. To make sure that you don't get charged for things you don't want or need, some services require a deeper level approach to give you exactly what you need. This ensures you stay at or under budget.

Why don't you have all of your work on your website?

Great question! Part of the nature of my work involves working with sensitive information - including the finished product. Some projects require a degree of privacy and secrecy, and I'm not always able to share the finished products even when I have created them. While I would love to show off everything that I have a hand in creating, I'm not able to do so. And honestly, I don't want to. Some work may not be very engaging, and some might not be up to my desired standards. I only show work that  I'm proud to show and that I'm allowed to show. Believe me, I've made some pretty awesome things though!

Why do you charge a late fee, and why is it so high?

Project quotes include production time as well as time for proofiing and to fix mistakes. When a project is given on short notice, this requires more work on my part. I have to push other projects and focus 100% of my time on your project. This means your project is a priority, and I am basically on-call until your project is complete. Because of this I charge a rush fee to fairly compensate me for the intensive time and energy required to rush your project.

What's the process for getting a design quote?

Unless there are unique circumstances, the standard format is: an initial consultation where we discuss your project and go over all of the details that I need to get started. After this meeting,  I'm usually able to give a rough estimate of the time that I will need to get through the first draft of your design, and on occasions, sometimes we hit the mark right away and the project is complete at that point. 

Included in your price quote are up to 5 proofs, design time, and research time. 

What happens if you take longer than your original quoted time?

Because I have experience on various projects, I am aware of how long it takes me to perform certain tasks. Sometimes things come up on either my end or yours that may effect the time, but I make it very clear that it is a rough estimate. Once a time has been quoted, if we're getting close to that time limit, I will let you know, and I also do my best to provide milestones so that we can stick as close to that time as possible. I will not go over the time without letting you know, so you don't have to worry about any surprises on your bill. Common causes of going over the project time and budget can include: unforeseen emergencies, not enough information upfront, and last minute changes.

What if I need more changes after our agreed upon time?

Most small edits can be fixed with no problem, and you will be required to sign off on the final project. Any changes after our agreed upon parameters will be billed at the normal hourly rate, and payment will be required before the changes will be completed. 

Do I have to pay you before I get my files?

Yes. Payment happens in one or two stages. Unless alternative arrangements have been made, I require a portion of the fee upfront before I even begin your project. This is to protect us both: partial payment ensures my agreement that I will begin work right away on your project, and also that you are committed to the terms and process of the project. Although the average person is honest, without a milestone payment if I start working on your project and get it to complete or nearly complete and you decide that you would rather go elsewhere, or that you don't need the project after all, I've wasted time, money and resources. 

Full and final payment is due at the time of your sign off on the project. When you sign off on the project, you're confirming that the design is what you're happy with, and what was agreed upon with no more needed Changes. At this point before the final files are turned over, the remaining payment is required and our contract is complete. So to repeat: Your completed design files are not given to you until A. you've signed off on the form acknowledging that you are happy with the project, and B. Your account is paid and settled in full. Additional payment may be required in special circumstances (such as the purchase of rights, licensing, etc).

Does it cost extra for printed proofs?

Included in your quote are several proofs. Any printed proofs beyond the agreed upon amount will be billed at $1.75 per proof (specialty proofs may cost extra). This covers the cost of paper and inks. Digital proofs usually don't incur an extra charge.

Does it cost for meetings?

Most proofing and feedback can usually be handled quickly via email. Sometimes all you have is a quick question, and that doesn't count against your quoted time or incur any extra charges.In person meetings other than the initial consultation, and a Half-hour check in meeting are billed at a discounted rate of $30 per half hour. The reason that these are billed, is because responding to questions and comments via email allows me to do other things. Meeting in person is a time and travel expense, and takes me away from other work and responsibilities. 

What options are there for meeting?

I try to be very flexible in offering options for meetings and consultations. I offer meetings via Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts.  While the benefit of meeting face-to-face is valuable, it's generally faster and more cost-efficient to work via email.

Do I own the copyright to work that you make?

I retain all copyrights to all work that I produce. Even if you have input on the initial concept, the finished product is my intellectual property. What you receive are usage rights for the specified format (print, digital, etc.). I reserve the right to revoke usage rights at anytime if actions are taken that may harm my business or reputation.

What if I want to buy the copyright for the work?

If you would like to own the copyright for a piece of work, you are welcome to purchase it from me at an agreed upon rate. If your intent is to purchase the rights, you should do your best to inform me before work begins, and upon receipt of payment, we will both sign an agreement acknowledging that you are the new owner of all intellectual rights to the property. In most cases I still retain the right to use the work in my own marketing and advertising material, but if you would like to prevent that, please be aware that this will add a higher price onto the purchase price.

Do my monthly hours roll over (retainer clients)?

Hours do not roll over for your plan. The plans are "use it or lose it", so if you don't use your hours during the month that you have them, you unfortunately lose them.