Graphic Design Capstone Project



Gathering the Data

During the initial research work on my project, I set out to answer an initial question: How can interracial families like mine to be
able to safely and easily find information while house hunting and looking to move to new neighborhoods? While there are resources
out there that give broad statistics on things such as crime and the local economy, it’s often the case that if an area is hostile to minorities
by the time a family or individual finds out, it’s through experience when they live there already. That led to the next question: how can I create something that will not just benefit people like me, but will also benefit people from other vulnerable communities in long term situations like housing, as well as just moving through everyday life? With that, "Kindred" was born. 



Of self identifying LBGT+ respondents would find it useful to have a resource that identified safe spaces for them and their families.



Of Black and POC survey respondents would feel comfortable knowing how Black and POC people were treated in an area before they lived there.



Of all Transgender identifying respondents would find a resource useful that allowed them to easily identify safe and welcoming spaces - bathrooms,businesses, service providers, etc.

The original inspiration for my project, was a historical item called “The Negro Motorist Green Book”, which was used to help Black families in the Jim Crow era safely find accommodations and services while traveling. I wanted to expand on this to include other identities such as LGBT+ and make it a full fledged resource that will not just connect the impacted groups to needed resources (such as bathrooms for Transgender individuals), but also to local businesses and groups that are owned by and/or friendly to members from the marginalized groups.

This project has two goals: a longer term goal so that families and individuals from vulnerable groups can find neighborhoods and areas that are safe, welcoming, and where they can live hopefully free from things like profiling, discrimination, and other targeting. The other goal is that anyone from a vulnerable group can quickly and easily find businesses and services nearby that they can visit safely and comfortably. 


Home Screen Mockup.jpg

First Look

The preliminary Home Screen for the "Kindred" App


The product

In doing the research to figure out which was the best method of delivery for this resource, 20% of respondents preferred a mobile format, with 71% of respondents wanting both a mobile and a web based option. 

The survey was run over multiple periods and multiple outlets with respondents from all economic backgrounds, and from ages 19 - 50. 

Currently the app is in the design stage, with the concept still being fleshed out, as well as wireframing, diagramming, and the core functionality being fleshed out.

The plan is to take this app beyond the scope of just a design project, and bring it to market as a real and functioning app available on both iOS and Android systems.