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Sydni - Beautiful Inside and Out

This blog is a little later than I planned it, but it was for a good reason. 

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Sydni and her mother Errica. Sydni is a local young lady who goes to one of our high schools, and her mother is a Veteran. 

Even though this was our first time shooting together, it didn't take long for the three of us to relax.. which also comes through in the pictures.  We ended up going longer than we planned, but it was worth it because we found some nice out of the way spots, and we had no shortage of beautiful images to choose from. In fact - this was one of my harder sessions to edit, because we had so many good photos it was hard to cut some!

This was one of my favorite sessions, and you can look forward to seeing much more of Sydni in later sessions. Thank you Sydni and Ericca for everything!