Notice anything different?

The site layout has been changed yet again, but this time it's here to stay! If you've visited the site over the past 6 months or so, you'll notice that it's been in a bit of a state of flux. I get a bit restless with these things, but I've finally settled on a look that's clean, organized, and I think shows my work better. It's also easier to find what you need, which is a bonus! Besides that, here are some other new things:


Downloadable contracts: Before it was a bit messy. Giving you online forms to fill out was convenient for you, but it also meant that I had to manually gather the data and organize it in paper form , which you still had to sign. Now it's a much easier process for everyone.


Private Gallery setups - It's also much easier now to view your private proofing galleries, and also share a link with family and friends. 

That's all for now. Have a look at the new layout, and jump right in!