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New digs

As some of you may know, Facebook likes money. The more, the better. Unfortunately, business pages and fan pages are where this is the most obvious. 

When you like, or follow a page, you're doing so because you're interested in the content and the organization. Facebook, however sees this, and goes "well, if you KNOW that people want to see you, how much are you willing to pay to keep them seeing you?". Basically this means, that even if you have 4,000 fans on your page, unless you pay facebook money daily, only a handful will see what you post. 

Since I've decided not to let facebook choke off the reach to people who have already said that they are interested, I have decided to partially move to Google plus. I realize that this isn't as broad a platform as facebook, so I will keep that page open, but this will not only let everyone see what they want already, it will also make it easier for me to put out better content, and make it easier for you to find. 

Head on over! Let's open some boxes, have some wine, and have an impromptu house warming party!