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Flash Update

Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I've sat down to do a blog, and this one is full of some punch. Let's dive right in!


 A successful Kickstarter for a friend and AMAZING photographer by the name of Dana Cole. Dana recently finished a successful campaign to not only expand distribution of her magazine, but to bring the next two issues to print this year!

Cover of the current "Clothes" Issue. All images, names, and trademarks property of Dana Cole, and Cole Magazine.

Cover of the current "Clothes" Issue. All images, names, and trademarks property of Dana Cole, and Cole Magazine.

I couldn't be happier to have helped with this campaign. It's a beautifully done glossy magazine that not only features Dana's work, but work from other photographers around the world. She is based out of Norway, but you can still get a copy shipped to you. 


Next on the list, is a bit of a sad case, but also a lesson.  "Oh My Handmade Goodness", is  a site dedicated to creating a wonderful community of creatives, and bringing diverse artists together.  In a recent article, I received the honor of being asked as both a creative, and a business owner to give a quote on a recent incident.

I will not name the party involved, but recently a well known company that sells Photoshop actions and graphic services, has received quote a bit of negative attention. Their latest offering was to be called "The Hanging Tree", and the image that they chose for this ad, was of a tree in a dark wooded area, with a noose hanging from the tree. 

Let me explain briefly what "semiotics" means and how it relates to advertising. Basically, symbols and images mean things, and when you choose something to use in your marketing you should be aware of any "cultural baggage" that goes along with it. This is why marketing teams are a good idea, but if you're a small business and the sole owner, it can be hard.

I'll leave it to your imagination on what happened after this ad was published, but it's pretty safe to say this: if more than a few people (from all backgrounds, sexes, and races) tell you that they find this imagery to be insensitive at best, offensive and triggering at worst, and kindly remind remind you of American history (as well as other connotations) when it comes to a noose, the WORST possible action is to not only tell others that you personally don't find it offensive,  that people upset just "don't get art", and lash out at the feedback calling everyone "haters", but also to start deleting every comment that is negative feedback, and start a social media campaign comparing you being criticized to being "hung from a noose". 

Anywho, to avoid this turning into gossip, you can see the entire thing for yourself, and find my quote HERE if you have a spare few minutes and fancy a good read. I promise. It's good. It is also a very good lesson about creativity, and ethics.

Also, currently in the works are some really good projects, including some "self portraits", and other autobiographical work. 

Stay tuned!