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5 Tips to level up your design


Design is a fundamental but overlooked part of business. It's often shrouded in mystery and left to the "pros". While this can be a good thing for me (as a pro), it's much more empowering to give business owners the tools to help themselves with their daily design and marketing. What do I mean? Whether you decide to hire a professional to do your marketing or branding (you absolutely should), or you want to take a crack at it yourself, here are some tips to help you be successful.

1. Make it accessible

Design travels far. Even when you speak to your audience, other people are listening and watching. You want to make sure that the tone and voice of your designs are easy to understand, culturally relevant, and culturally sensitive. 

2. Make it relevant

What are you selling? Why? Who is it helping? You want to make sure that the usefulness of your products don't get lost in fluff. Always address WHAT your customer needs and WHY they need it from you.

3. Make it authentic

Honesty is key in any marketing these days. Customers can smell false claims and BS a mile away these days, and it will send them running the other way (and running to social media to tell everyone how much of a fraud you are). Don't make wild claims that you can't deliver on.

4. Make it timeless

Find your voice, and stick with it. Don't follow trends too closely, and don't follow what everyone else is doing. You want to stick around long after the other fads have fizzled out. You want your brand to become recognizable and treasured, and you want people to KNOW that it's you speaking. You can't do that if you're jumping on whatever bandwagon is hot this week.

5. Make it (close to) perfect

You should try to be perfect as much as you can, but not if it doesn't make sense. Design is all in the details, and sloppy work can make or break it. You don't want anything to get in the way of you getting your message across, and the smallest detail (like a typo) can cost you a sale or a customer.

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