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Get Social - Why Hiring a Social Media Manager Makes Business Sense

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The Facts

At its heart, social media management is about trust. It's about realizing that you don't have the time to properly run your channels, handle your customer communications, and do the important things like creating graphics, running campaigns, and staying on top of your numbers.

What if you don’t use social media at all?

Then you’re missing out. Statistics show that at least half a billion people use Instagram daily . with the bulk of them following brands. Whether you provide a service, or sell products, you need social media to reach your potential customers. Not using it properly is just as bad as not using it at all.

The biggest benefit to social media is that it gives you a chance to reach your customers directly. With more and more brands offering similar products, and people becoming more conscious of where they spend their precious dollars, brands need to work hard to stand out. A well run social media strategy takes care of that. When people care about what you have to say, they will trust you, and your products.

The Basics

Here’s the juicy part. MV offers Social Management Services. Well, lots of people do, but what makes MV different?

In most cases, you’re working only with a social media manager. Not a designer, developer, or content creator. With me, you get the benefit of having all of those things combined with solid experience in marketing in your pocket. For one low flat rate, you get professional custom content - including static posts, animated posts, video content and copywriting. 100% original. No templates, no outsourcing. Part of my job is storytelling, elevating brands, and making sure that your customers believe in you. I have done this successfully for many of the companies you use everyday. More than just scheduling generic posts to go out as a set time - My social management services are an extension of your brand, and YOU. Need someone to handle customer communications and field questions as well? That’s an option too.

If you find running your social media overwhelming, or just don’t have the time or a large budget (or any budget), let’s talk. There are options for businesses of every size.

The Goods

Here is a quick list of a few packages available:

Small Social - $150/mo

  • 3 Social Posts a week to one channel

  • Custom Static posts and images (+$100/mo for 15sec animated posts. +$200/mo for video posts.)

  • Custom copy relevant to your audience

  • Performance tracking and post engagement statistics

Medium Social - $300/mo

  • 3 Social Posts a week to two channels (6 total, 3 per channel)

  • Custom Static posts or 15 sec animated posts (+$225/mo for video posts)

  • Custom copy relevant to your audience

  • 2 Custom ad or offer posts a month (1 per channel)

  • Performance tracking and post engagement statistics

You can add Customer Support to any package for +$300/month. This gives you the added benefit of your own customer support agent that’s available to answer questions for current and potential customers (unless it’s something that only you have access to like order or tracking/shipping info). Ad campaigns are a different option but are also available.

These are easy, low commitment packages so that you can either start to build your social media presence properly, or make it work for you as it should. As always these are just a start, so if you need something a little more flexible, you can always send a message.

Now, let’s get social.