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Happy New Year!


As if you hadn't heard it quite enough yet, HAPPY NEW YEAR! There are quite a few things to discuss, so let's get to it!

1. New Website Design

This of course isn't the first time that you've seen this message, but this is by far the most user friendly and beautiful design yet. I've combined some key elements so that they are less scattered around, removed some redundant pages, and de-cluttered the pages that are left. You'll find that the navigation menu is easier to navigate as well.

2. New Hours

Because I am still full time at school, I've changed my available hours around a bit. This doesn't change any quoted project times, but it's worth a look if you'd like to know the best times to get in touch with me.


3. New Work!

If you pay a visit to the galleries (or photo albums as they're called), you'll not only see more pictures in one place (less searching you have to do to view work), you'll also find more of my design work, as well as projects and art pieces that I've done. 


4. A New Campaign

If you aren't subscribed to my newsletter you're missing out. One of the BEST deals you'll ever find (and may not find again), has just been announced to my newsletter subscribers and only to them. If you don't want to miss other exclusive deals like this, make sure to subscribe! I don't spam a bunch of emails, and your information is totally safe.


That's it for now! Keep your eyes peeled, and look for more new things to come in the coming months.