Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Jessica Humphrey

So, who am I exactly?

I know a lot about a lot of things, and my primary goal is to use what I know to help those who trust me to work with them. I believe that design is always a collaboration, and that it's part of my job to make the process as easy to understand as possible. 

I don't design for money, Instagram likes, or to feed my own ego. I design because design is an important piece of everything we do, and sometimes it gets overlooked not because it's not important, but because sometimes the language of design gets lost in its own ego. 


Some things to know before we work together...

You come to me because I have expertise in my field. This does not mean that I know more than you. I won't talk over you, belittle you, or treat you like you don't know anything. This is a partnership.

I believe in the small details, but I also believe in the "going". I promise to be thorough and hit the marks, but I can also promise that it won't be a boring journey to the finish line. I don't do well with boxes, so even if something sounds wild or weird, I promise if you stick with me, we'll make great things together.


Notable Projects            

DAMchic Magazine - Assistant Art Director 2015-2016

N'Reener - Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer 2014 - Present

OSU Printing and Mailing - Graphic Design Intern 2015 to present

Freelance Design - Design, Branding, and Marketing ongoing

Welcome To The Circus - Press, Graphics, Marketing and Fundraising 

Living Dead Magazine - Content contributor, Fundraising





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