Hello! I’m Jessica Humphrey and I’m an Independent Designer, Illustrator, Artist and Marketing Professional. I marry Design, Art and Technology to create beautiful and functional designs. My work in Print includes large and small format, specialty and supplemental work such a press checks, proofing and bindery checks. My work in Digital mediums include Web design, Mobile design, Multimedia (video, and sound) and application design. I also work in classical art forms such as painting and sculpting. I'm available for hire for long and short term projects, as well as consultations for creative projects.


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Multi-Specialty Design

Print, Web, App and Specialty design - No matter the format or required audience, I'm ready to make you designs that are 100% original, and guaranteed to get you noticed and to remain fresh despite changing trends. Branding, Marketing, Special Event assets - you name it. 


Professional Photography

If a picture says a thousand words, a BAD picture says a million. Whether you need portraits for your graduating senior, someone to beautifully document your wedding day, or pictures to showcase your newest product, I also provides a full range of photography services.

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Marketing and Advertising

Shows like "Mad Men" gave us a look into the world of advertising and the role of storytelling. While the tactics used in the 60's don't work anymore, I will provide a guide-map to help you navigate modern audiences, including the elusive group known as "Millennials".


Companies I've worked with:

  • Famous Brands International
  • N'Reener's
  • Missy Fant Photography
  • Loafer's Station
  • Tommy's Welcome Inn
  • Angels With Misplaced Wings
  • Bainbridge Cellars
  • Luther House
  • Lana Andrade Art
  • Habitat for Humanity Restore (Benton County)
  • Oregon Jamboree
  • Takedown Fight Shop
  • Hewlett's Music Studio
  • She Finally Snapped Photography

Have questions? Ready to dive in and get started? Start by requesting a quote HERE, and let's take that first step. You won't regret it.